NEW Hooray! Let's play!

Welcome to NEW Hooray! Let's play!

New Hooray! Let’s play! is a three-level course (Starter, Level A, Level B) for children between the ages of 3 and 5. The course is suitable for all pre-school classrooms learning English, regardless of the number of hours or lessons per week. Its main aim is learning through play.

The course introduces children to basic listening and speaking skills in English using simple principles for young learners. Developing listening skills is extremely important at this age, so children are encouraged to listen and understand right from the beginning. They are also encouraged to use all of their senses to understand and reproduce the language they are introduced to so it is learnt and retained.

New Hooray! Let’s play! also focuses on building intelligence with the inclusion of a number of activities designed to stimulate children to think and process necessary information. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on the development of the memory via the use of music, movement and rhymes. It develops and encourages an open and inclusive attitude to other people and cultures and underlines and encourages key social values such as the values of friendship and helping and appreciating one another.

Stories and games are also used widely to stimulate children‘s interest.

Student’s Book

Activities & Projects

Level A:

  • Scientific skills: moving air, investigating floating objects, different sounds
  • Citizenship skills: road safety
  • Sensory skills: identifiying objects
  • Health/hygiene skills: how germs spread

Level B:

  • Sensory skills: identifiying fruits and vegetables
  • Language skills: a shopping role play
  • Scientific skills: our body, the life cycle of a butterfly and a frog, the water cycle
  • Citizenship skills: different jobs

Teaching materials

Teacher’s i-solutions

The unique New Hooray! Let’s play! Teacher’s i-solutions for the classroom includes fully interactive teaching and learning materials organised into step-by-step lesson plans. It provides you with the most effective, visual and easy-to-use classroom resource.

The interactive activities included in each of the lesson plans are the first step in your teaching sequence with New Hooray! Let’s play! Activities and Projects.

Teacher’s i-solutions

Video material

The Teacher’s i-solutions also provides a variety of video material, including animated routine songs, well-known action song videos as well as Teacher training videos.

Action songs
Teacher training videos
Animated stories

Additional material

Worksheets for extra lessons, Letters to parents and the Alphabet Book for optional writing skills development are also available on the Teacher’s i-solutions. This additional material can be projected and printed.

Worksheets for extra lessons
Alphabet book

Game Generator

The Game Generator offers the possibility of creating your own interactive games to play with the students.

Game Generator


The key vocabulary is presented in beautifully illustrated, full-colour Flashcards.

Flashcards real size 15 x 21 cm
Peter the panda hand puppet

Story cards

Large, colourful Story cards for listening to and retelling stories with your class.

Story cards real size 21 x 30 cm